Housing First for Practitioners Course

Connecting People, Developing Best Practice

This is a one-day participative course that is intended for staff who support people in Housing First services or are considering working in a Housing First service. 

The course aims to be an introduction to the Housing First model, principles and ethos.  You will learn about the principles and what they mean in practice.  It will explore the journey of Housing First and how in recent times it has gained momentum in Scotland.

The session will discuss the approaches that you will use in your day to day work and the processes required in the service.  You will be encouraged to reflect on your practice and how it fits with the Housing First principles and ethos. It will equip you with the knowledge and evidence to positively promote Housing First whilst encouraging fidelity to the model.  You will also have an opportunity to have your Housing First questions answered.

By the end of this full day session you will:

  • Correctly identify who Housing First is aimed at
  • Name the 7 principles of Housing First and what these mean in practice
  • Recall the role of a Housing First Practitioner and identify the values, skills and knowledge required to work in a Housing First service
  • Describe the main approaches in delivering a Housing First service

Delivered by Turning Point Scotland’s Housing First Trainers.
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